Our latest exhibition:

from 5th December until May 2017
'Between the Light and the Dark'

Featuring the artwork of 26 artists, who use a variety of media and
techniques; painting, ceramics, photography, jewellery and printmaking.
Their work explores the real and imagined as it investigates places between light and dark, tranquility and threat, memory and history.

Each sale of artwork attracts a donation from the artist that actively contributes to help in funding the work of the Severn Area Rescue Association.

Our eGallery will give you a flavour of what's on show, with each artist represented by one image. 
There's lots more to see, just click on this image by Rachel MacDonnell.

Rachel MacDonnell
Our Contributing artists are:

Alice Adams
Catherine Aspray
Georgina Bouzyk
Krysia Drury
Hannah Dyson
Jimmy Edmonds
Angela Findlay
Sylvain Guenot
Pat Homewood
Gillian Keightley
Susan Kester
Elaine Knight
Andy Lovell


Rachel MacDonnell
Linn O'Carroll
Arthur Penn
Barbara Phelps
Kerry Phippen
Kel Portman
Vicki Portman
Deborah Roberts
Mark Stopforth
Jacki Storey
Nik Taylor
Pauline Vennard
Melyvn Warren-Smith


Our previous exhibitions included:

from July - December 2016

"Garden of Secrets'

Join our 28 artists as they explore a real and imagined world. They investigate enigmatic places of tranquility and threat, memory and history through the mediums of painting, ceramics, jewellery, photography, drawing and printmaking.
You'll need to take a trip to Arlingham in person to see and enjoy all the work in context....and also to perhaps delight in a meal with a view.

Our eGallery will give you a flavour of what's on show, with each artist represented by one image.  There's lots more to see, just click on this image by Kerry Phippen.

kerry phippen
'Velvet Paws'

Each sale of artwork attracts a donation from the artist that actively contributes to help in funding the work of the Severn Area Rescue Association.

Our Contributing artists are:

Alice Adams
Ali Affleck
Catherine Aspray
Christina Bingle
Hannah Ferguson
Angela Findlay
Lucy Guenot
Sylvain Guenot
Jo Hofman
Pat Homewood
Gillian Keightley
Sara Kirby
Elaine Knight


Asen Krestenov
Liz Lancashire
Emily Lawlor
Barbara Manzi-fe
Rachel Markwick
Barbara Phelps
Kerry Phippen
Kel Portman
Vicki Portman
Deborah Roberts
Melanie Steiner
Nik Taylor
Sarah Van Niekerk
Pauline Vennard







All work is for sale and can be viewed and purchased at the Old Passage

from 4th December 2015 - April 2016

Our Winter exhibition features the work of 21 artists whose artwork reflects the theme 'Seasons'. Using a wide range of techniques; painting, printmaking, sculpture, jewellery and photography, each artist responds in their own unique style and personal way.

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Our Spring 2015 exhibition

new work

Featuring new artwork from 20 artists who, using a variety of media and technique portray a broad range of subject matter. It's brand new, exciting material that's straight from the artist's hand - then onto the walls of the Old Passage.

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Featuring the work of:

Susanna Birley
Jilly Cobbe
Alexandra Collins
Eileen Dunlop
Sylvain Guenot
Guilia Holland
Patricia Homewood
Sophia Hughes
Jan Irvine
Sara Kirby


Rachel Markwick
Anthea Millier
Barbara Phelps
Kel Portman
Vicki Portman
Valerie Coffin Price
Patricia Saddington
Mark Stopforth
Nik Taylor
Pauline Vennard





2015's Annual Old Passage Art Award

and this year's Winners are:
1st Prize
Mark Stropforth with his painting of the Severn Estuary

2nd Prize
Rachel Markwick with her stamp collage 'SS Great Britain'

Public Voter's Prize
Alan Mossman who voted for Mark's painting

Congratulations to all of you and grateful thanks to all those who voted.

Artist's Donation to SARA
2013's annual Old Passage Art Award attracted considerable interest, jointly organised by Sally Pearce of The Old Passage and Walking the Land, the exhibition was based on the theme 'Between the Woods and Water', featuring images and works associated with Gloucestershire's landscape. Works were submitted by 20 artists and included painting, printmaking, photography and sculpture.

First Prize which went to Jilly Cobbe with her study of winter trees. Lucy Guenot gained Second Prize with her relief print of the Severn. Winner of the Public Voter Prize was Jane Hunt Instead of charging commission on sales, the organisers are keen to promote the valuable work of the Severn Area Rescue Association and so artists are invited to contribute a percentage of their sales income to support this valuable local organisation.

SARAArtists presenting their cheques to SARA's Graham Tudor

Previous exhibtions


Food is just one subject that offers continual inspiration to artists. However, an individual's choice of subject matter is very personal and each offers it's own specific delights.
Whatever their subject matter, inspiration has come to the 15 exhibiting artists in a variety of forms, with each using different approaches and media to offer a unique way of reflecting our world.

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from May - November 2014
This exhibition celebrates the sea and the liminal landscape of our coastline and rivers.  New works by 23 artists using a multitude of media and materials with a wealth of different styles and approaches.

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art at the old passage

New Works at the Old Passage
from 3rd December 2013

An exhibtion of new works by 22 artists using a multitude of media and materials with a wealth of different subjects.
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New Works

Between the Woods and the Water -
our exhibition from May 7th 2013

Walking the Land link with The Old Passage to show selected artworks by painters, printmakers, photographers, ceramicists poets and sculptors who examine and reflect on our land and waterscape.
Gloucestershire's woodland, waterways and rivers provide a huge range of locations that give creative inspiration to our artists and writers.
This 'in-between' land, on the boundary of the aquatic and the terrestrial, provides us with special places to stop, to reflect and to become a little more aware of this fragile and vulnerable environment – our woods threatened by a variety of pests and diseases; our principle river, the Severn, from the destruction that may arise from the proposed barrier scheme.
Often sublime but sometimes ferocious, the River Severn's elemental force contrasts with quiet brooks and gentle streams. Small springs and water courses make gradual gravity-fed transitions into ever larger bodies of water as they progress to the Severn and on to the sea.  Our rich and varied woodlands, coppices and spinnies each possesses their own quality as they enclose and embrace these meandering 'watery arteries', creating their individual micro-climate and habitat.
'Between the Woods and the Water' has inspired 20 of Walking the Land's Associated Artists to make artwork using a multitude of different approaches and media, each offering a unique and original way of seeing our natural and made environment.

As usual instead of paying a commission after every sale, our artists are proud to make a donation to the Severn Area Rescue Association to help support their valuable work on the River Severn.

This exhibition featured a subject dear to the heart of The Old Passage. An array of 17 artists look at fish from all manner of challenging ways and different perspectives. You may notice that one of the challenges our artists faced was to include the word; 'fish' or a species of fish in their titles.
Click on the image below and you'll be able to scroll through all the artwork. You may even see one that will make the perfect gift.

Rachel Markwic

from June - November 2012''
Artists, photographers, printmakers, ceramacists and sculptors explore subjects inspired by our land and waterscape, it's wild (and not so wild) places examining it's various natural elements and forces. 
Opening on from 4th May, '' is a site12 exhibition
view the accompanying book by clicking below:

Artist's donation to SARA
Walking the Land present donations to SARA
Walking the Land artists were delighted to brave a very windy morning down by the Severn to meet with The Old Passage's Sally Pearce and representatives of SARA to make donatations that will be used to help fund a new lifeboat for the Sharpness Lifeboat Station.  The money was raised as a percentage of sales made during this year's Summer exhibition 'WaterWay'.

The Old Passage Art Award 2011
Art Awards at the Old Passage 2011

Winning artist Roger Jones, Sally Pearce of the Old Passage and Gillian Keightley

This years' annual Art Award attracted considerable interest and we're grateful for your support and for voting. Jointly organised by Sally Pearce of The Old Passage and Kel Portman of the arts collective Walking the Land, the exhibition was based on the theme 'WaterWay', featuring images and works associated with Gloucestershire's close relationship with water, rivers and canals. 
Works were submitted by 24 artists and included painting, printmaking, photography and sculpture.
Every year, the public vote for their most popular artwork and after counting the votes for this year's Art Award, First Prize which went to Randwick's Roger Jones with his painting of canal lock at Chalford.
Second Prize was awarded to photographer Gillian Keightley with her photograph of the atmospheric river bend near Frampton.
Winner of the Public Voter Prize was Judi Fairbairn

Seen in the photo above are the artists and the Old Passage's Sally presenting the new  'Award Prize', a sculpture by Sophia Hughes.
We're also proud to announce that artists generously donated a percentage of the revenue made from the sales of their artwork to the Severn Area Rescue Association.

a site2011 exhibition
opening 14th June during restaurant hours

Our waterways have long provided creative inspiration for artists and writers. Gloucestershire's canals and rivers provide a huge range of locations from the sublime and sometimes ferocious River Severn, the busy Gloucester/Sharpness canal, to the long abandoned but soon to be renovated Stroudwater canal.
'WaterWay' examines these arteries of wildlife, trade and recreation, while also looking at the surrounding landscape, those who make a living along its shores, the communities who live close-by waterways or those who come simply to enjoy the water in all its various moods.

Exhibition Archive

Jo Newman

jo newman
Exhibition by Jo Newman, textile illustrator.
Other local artists also exhibiting throughout the restaurant
Throughout November and December

Peronel Barnes
peronel barnes
An Oxfordshire painter, exploring colour and mark making
from 3rd August 2010

Peronel is from Oxford, and shows at local exhibitions, and in London at the Royal Watercolour Society in their 21st Century Watercolour exhibition (2005). Her work “Beyond the sand” triptych seascape was purchased by a private collector in South Africa. 2010 saw her composite painting, Summer Sandwich accepted by Royal Institute of Painters in Watercolour for their Mall Gallery exhibition.

The Mall Gallery describe their choice of pieces as “demonstrating a versatile and vibrant use of watercolour” by some of the country's leading artists producing exciting paintings including figurative and abstract, traditional and experimental work.

She spends as much time as she can out walking in the countryside or by the sea, watching the light, how it changes, moves and alters her surroundings. Peronel’s aim is for the viewer to bring their own experiences, their own imagination onto a painting so that each viewing is emotive, and a pleasure that will shift and change just as light shifts and changes.

Her paintings are in private collections on 4 continents, in USA, Canada, South Africa, Europe, Australia and London.

'between...2 Shores'
opening 1st June 2010
a 'site2010' exhibition, part of Stroud's Contemporary Arts Festival

between 2 shores

The area close to Britain’s longest river provides the subject for this exhibition. The dramatic river carves it’s path, snaking through the beautiful Gloucestershire countryside and close to ‘The Old Passage’ on it’s 354 km journey to the sea. With a ferocious reputation, the famous Bore and the second largest tidal range in the world. The River Severn has long been held in awe by navigators, naturalists and artists.
Organised jointly by Sally Pearce of the Old Passage Inn and ‘Walking the Land’, the exhibition includes works by painters, printmakers, photographers and sculptors. Their subject is the space between the 2 shores, it’s landscape and the communities who make their living in this threatened, fragile and volatile area.
Take part in voting for the winner of The Old Passage Art Award - the Public’s favourite artwork from the collection.
click here to see the catalogue


The Old Passage Art Award 09
old passage the seafood restaurant on the river severn_ art awards09
left to right: Nigel Noyes, Jo Newman, Sally Pearce and Alan Hazelwood

Our annual Art Award has once again attracted a lot of interest and we're grateful for your support and for voting. Jointly organised by Sally Pearce of The Old Passage and Kel Portman of the arts collective Walking the Land, the exhibition featured works based on the theme 'thinking about food'. Works were submitted by 17 artists and included painting, printmaking, photography, poetry and stained glass.
We are delighted to announce that after counting all the votes for this year's Art Award, you have selected the Winners.

Winner of the Public's favorite artwork was Jo Newman with her textile study
'Preparing the Land'.

Runner up was photographer Nigel Noyes with his image 'Old Bag, New Tricks'
Winner of the Public Voter Award was Alan Hazelwood.

Painter and Colourist Walter Cherry
New Small Paintings by the painter and colourist Walter Cherry. His vibrant, abstract paintings offer a new look to our dining area, with interactions of colour and linear constructions.
The exhibition will run until 26th October.

Walter Cherry

site09 arts festival

The Old Passage will once again be hosting artists who will exhibit as a part of this major arts event that centres on this part of Gloucestershire and which takes place throughout June.
This years show curated and arranged with Stroud-based artists 'Walking the Land' is entitled 'thinking' and is a visual celebration of all things gastronomic. It also features the Old Passage Art Award where members of the Public vote for their favourite artwork.

• click here to see the exhibition

You'll be able to find out more about the site09 festival by clicking on their website


SARA Severn Rescue

The Old Passage and SARA (Seven Area Rescue Association joined together to host a charity dinner and auction, as part of The Old Passage fundraising project 2008-09.

SARA's role is to assist the Coast Guard and land-based emergency services on the River Severn's very dangerous flow of water between Beachley Head and the Wyre Forest. Their life-saving work is entirely voluntary and often goes without recognition.

The event, was held on Thursday 4th December at The Old Passage was hosted by John Harvey from Sotheby’s. The auction offered an enticing selection of lots, (see below) many of which were unique. The evening raised a significant sum for SARA. The total proceeds from the auction, along with £10 for each ticket sold, were donated to SARA.

Our head chef Mark Redwood devised a special tasting menu for the event, with each of the five courses accompanied by notable wines from Berkmann Wines.

This is just a sample of some of our benefactors and lots that were auctioned on the evening...

Berkmann Wines.... supplyied champagne for pre-dinner drinks and wines to go with dinner.
Calcot Manor.... A days Spa break for two. Includes use of their heated indoor pool, gym and steam room and a mini facial with back and neck massage – ooh bliss!
Daylesford Organics .... Lady Bamford, the owner kindly donated a
'mystery' hamper.
Flax Clothing....ladies designer clothing of Montpellier, Cheltenham
The Goring Hotel, London.... One night in a deluxe twin or double room in London’s only privately owned five star hotel. A deluxe hotel which has been loved and nurtured by the Goring family for over 90 years. Value of this is £500.00
The Feathers of Woodstock....offered an overnight stay in this magnificent 17th C hotel
Russells of Broadway....Contemporary Chic in the Heart of the Cotswolds. A restaurant with rooms in centre of Broadway
Norman Thomas
.... kindly donated a weekend in an apartment for two on the Pembrokeshire coastal path overlooking the picturesque beach of Cwm yr Eglwys.

Artwork, paintings, jewellery, photographs, stained glass and basketware
donated by the following artists:

Norah Kennedy
Aimee Lax
Barbara Manzi-Fe
Jo Newman
Alasdair Ogilvie
Kel Portman
Vicki Portman
Penny Prince
Maxine Relton
Annie Rie

Along with SARA we woukd like to thank everyone who gave so generously to the auction and those who were able to join us on the evening to contribute to this very worthy cause.

click here to see SARA's website


Sally and David Pearce take considerable pride in showing and placing original artwork in the restaurant and throughout The Old Passage. Keen to promote local artists, they have worked with local landscape arts collective 'Walking the Land' to inaugurate their first 'Art Award', with presentations to the Public's favorite artists.

The Old Passage Arts Award Presentation 2008
old passage art awards presentation
Winner of this years Old Passage Arts Award, textile artist Jo Newman (right) and runner-up photographer Sylvain Guenot.

Voting was close and tensions were raised as the Public's votes were counted in the first Old Passage Art Awards. Votes had been cast by visitors to find the most popular artist at the month-long art exhibition entitled 'River'.
Held as part of the 'site08' visual arts festival, the Awards were hosted by Sally and David Pearce of the popular Old Passage in Arligham.
The show which featured artwork by 18 local artists was organised and curated by the Stroud based landscape arts collective 'Walking the Land'. 
Exhibition organiser Kel Portman said "We were keen to involve the public in celebrating this very special and dynamic natural feature of our landscape and this was reflected in the large number of votes cast for the very worthy winner”.

Featuring artists, ceramacists, photographers and printmakers, the exhibited work reflected visual, ecological and social, aspects of  the magnificent River Severn.
“We very much hope the Awards will become an annual part of Gloucestershire’s vigourous art calendar” said David.

The Winner, textile artist Jo Newman received her prizes from Sally and David Pearce of the Old Passage, along with the runner-up, Stroud photographer Sylvain Geunot.
Jo’s artwork was a large study of Old Tom, the last ferryman to row passengers across the river. Sylvain produced a fine portrait of another of the river’s characters, elver fisherman Hartley Everett.

an exhibiition held as a part of the 'site08' visual arts festival of artworks that celebrate the River Severn and curated by landscape arts collective Walking the Land • click to see a slideshow of the exhibition





















































  The Old Passage Arlingham Gloucestershire